The Biography

DJ and producer Micke aka Mike Moorish/ Mike Mmm was born and raised in Stockholm/ Sweden and is now located in Oslo/ Norway.

Micke has been involved in music all his life. He grew up in a for several generations very musically talented family. Swedish folk music, jazz, blues, rock, soul and funk played a big part in his young life. Micke followed his own path, which led straight into the world of electronic music!

Mike loves music and started early to collect records. In his first teenage years he got the chance to take his passion for both to the next level. He fell helplessly in love, when he got his first ‘Go’ on the decks. In this moment Mike created a life long passion for DJing and Dancefloor Madness.

Around the same time, and with the help of an old Atari, Mike found his second passion: Music Production! Due to hard work in the studio and never giving up on his dreams, things started to pay off for Mike.

Under his alias ‘Mike Moorish’ he produces high quality commercial House Music for the emerging Generations of House Lovers. While the alias ‘Mike Mmm’ aims for the Dancefloors, but the more darker Underground Floors.

Mike has been spinning Records in Clubs like Stuecompagniet (SE) Emil & Samuel (NO) Fugazi (NO), Åpenbar (NO), Hemsen (NO) Bora Bora (Ibiza), and many more.


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